Trike Patrol Girls

Models from Trike Patrol

They looks like famous actresses from Trike Patrol inside ABC Hotel

ABC Hotel stands for Angeles Beach Club, but this hotel is not placed near any beach. However it’s beautifully shaped swimming pool area reassembles a tropical beach with pirate coves and other romantic hideouts. ABC Hotel can be found on Perimeter Road in Angeles Cite next to Ponytails bar, a popular hangout for foreigners. When I saw this photo of two amateur bikini Asians it was clear to me, it was from Angeles Beach Club hotel. BTW, this is probably the finest accommodation between Clark and San Fernando in Angeles City, Pampanga. Don’t forget to check out their restaurant. It’s great for some portrait photos in evening gowns. Sometiems, you can spot Trike Patrol girls dining out with their Honey-Ko’s. Don’t forget to ask their cell phone numbers 🙂 LOL

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Popular Landmark for Swimsuit Photos

White Beach Girl

Possibly, the best spot for a photo on White Beach.

When browsing the net for pictures of Boracay shots, the small group of Islands with a little chapel is very popular. During mornings it is almost invisible during high tide, but when low tide sets in during afternoons it becomes a very dominant landmark of White Beach, not far away from boat station 1 and many nice beach resorts like the Red Coconut.


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Puerto Galera Bikini Shoot

puerto galera beachOriental Mindoro is a beautiful Philippine Island. A perfect setting for Filipina bikini model contest on White Beach or Sabang. Nightlife is vibrant and drag queens preform swimwear contests in public. We chose the Tropicana Castle Pirate Resort for a small bikini shoot of Manila models as it’s the perfect romantic mood inside this mediaval castle in the South China Sea. I wish there would be less lamok in Sabang. They were eating us alive. Lamok is Filipino for Mosquito. Here they are as big as birds.

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Leaving Aklan province by flight

romblon in aklan aerial view

Aerial view of Aklan province while leaving Boracay island

That’s how Boracay’s neighbor island Romblon looks when you leave Aklan province by air. It’s an overwhelming seight. I hate to leave Boracay to fly back to Manila via Cebu Pacific Airline. Hope to be able and stay there longer for beach photo shooting with new bikini models.

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Apo Market Angeles City


Filipina amateur model presenting a bikini from Apo Market

Every Friday Apo Market in Angeles City downtown opens it’s shops for all sorts of merchandise. Cheap apparel is about the most trated commodity in the streets on Fridays. Pants, tops, t-shirts, jeans and bikinis are the most wanted items on shoppers’ minds. I bought a orange-white striped bikini for a spiffy lady who was very happy about the little gift. Things are much cheaper compared to SM department store or Marquee Mall who are leading outlets for branded items in Pampanga. Lots of people populate Apo Market, so it’s advised to go their early morning. It’s comparable to the markets in Baclaran and Divisoria in Manila, NCR. Be safe from pick pockets and watch your belongings while shopping for swim wear and lingerie in Angeles City, Pampanga and enjoy many bargains every Friday. Maybe you will be able to spot fashion girls from GM Models, Mabalacat do some serious fashion shopping on the street stalls.

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Bikini Girl on White Beach

Pink Bikini Diniwid beach

Precious wears a pink brand bikini from Elle while posing in the water in front of Diniwid Beach

White Beach is Boracay’s most famous beach strip. Four kilometers of snow white sand make is the Philippine’s most attractive vacation destination. There are plenty of other small beaches north of Malay’s main strip. The first is Diniwid Beach. It’s great for snorkeling, but also fine for long beach walks during low tide during afternoon. Sunsets provide great, soft lighting for bikini photography of pretty Pinay girls and models.

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Makati Bikini Shopping

Makati GirlThe other day I invited Maricar for a shopping trip in Makati. We were looking for a Brazilian bikini for our upcoming beach vacation in Puerto Galera’s Tropicana Castle Dive Resort. First we went to Greenbelt 5, but prices were expensive. Landmark department store had some nice swimwear, but it was hard to find a C-Cup top for Maricar that would fit. Finally, we found a small sports boutique in Glorietta Mall 4. It took more than 4 hours to find this spiffy blue bikini made in South America. At least, now we know where to look. Damage was around 3600 Piso. Not that cheap. I think in Rio de Janeiro you would pay less than 5 Dollars for this item, but it’s kinda far away for a quick Makati shopping spree.

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