Subic Bay vacation


Friendly Sabrine enjoys her vacation in new outfit.

There is more to the Philippines than Boracay, Bohol and Palawan. One of the closest beaches to Manila and Pampanga is Subic Bay, aka as Zamboanga. The waters are very clear and calm. There is plenty of wreck diving and there is a lot of activity for day and nighttime that will last for 3 or 4 days. Swimming is okay, too.

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Back to Boracay

Boracay beach

After three years it is back to Boracay Beach. Just arrived and ready to chill out for a few days. This is a quick morning snap of the beach around boat peer 2 and the Red Coconut hotel with my old iphone. Man, I really need to get a new iphone 6, soon. If the weather holds up I will bring my large camera and lens in hope to find new bikini models for my photography. Cheers.

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Top and Skirt


Cutest smile

For some time I have been looking at usage of secondary light sources like hairlights and background illumination. While shopping for souvenirs in Singapore I came across those cheap Kola colour filters made in Thailand and thought they would work for changing background colors. Plain white walls are kind of boring and some more color would help soften the less important parts of the picture and enhance. Luckily, Kola filters match the outlets of normal flashlights and I was able to place my slave flash on a tripod to reflect it’s colored light against the wall while shielding it from impacting my model. The model looks very beautiful. It was her first time to stand in front of a camera and she had natural talent as everybody can see. The bikini top and jeans skirt make her look like a teen fashion model.

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Finding Photo Models

barangay girls

The other day me and my friend Brent were sitting inside a Bistro on Raymond Street and talking about our tactics to recruit models for shootings. Brent told me is having a hard time to find models. He is very secretive and suspicious, never smiles and always attempts to get the cheapest price for his models. Well, I told him my secret. Buy a Canon or Nikon press jacket and hang two DSLR cameras around your chest. Walk around the streets of Angeles City barangays and take photos of cats and dogs. Well, there ain’t too many animals around as children like to beat them up, but you can always look out for roosters to shoot. Continue reading

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Karate on the Beach

karate kick

What an awesome shot of Filipino martial arts women kicking karate on the beach of Boracay.

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Filipina Brides wear Bikini

Cebu bride

Cebu Mailorder Bride

When selecting possible marriage partners from an agency looks apparently play a significant role. Of course photographs are able to enhance a person’s appearance so objects tend to seek retouching services, make up artists and proper dressing. Recently, we have discovered an USA based agency of Filipina mailorder brides with a branch in Cebu, Visayas, that have most Filipina women who seek partners pose for their agency website in bikini and swimwear dresses.
Actually, Russians, Chinese and American introduction agencies do the same. Guys want eyecandy and women enjoy to have fun during a photo shooting at the beach. Hope it helps them to find partners they deserve.

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Halloween in Angeles

dancers from Fields Avenue

Streets on Halloween: Angeles City bargirls in costumes

End of October: Time to find scary costumes and party for Halloween on Fields Avenue in Angeles, Pampanga. It’s the most fun time of the year apart from Christmas. Everybody is happy and scared LOL. Bargirls walk around the street with costumes to have fun and find new customers.

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